Crafting a tone for your inbox
I worked with a team on creating a new brand voice and tone for a large financial services company looking to relaunch their brand with a flagship retirement and 401k app.
In addition to working on the voice and tone, and the ux copy in the app itself, I also lead the go-to-market campaign material creation, including several email.
We created a quick reference guide for their tone that positioned them as a personable, encouraging guide. This was expressed in our emails.
From here, we created two consumer-facing emails, one for the launch and one as a follow-up, as well as two internal emails for our B2B2C audience.
The app launched to a moderate audience and has slightly evolved over the course of the last 4 years and currently has a 4.7 average rating on more than 100,000 ratings and more than 500,000 downloads (iOS app store + Google Play Store).
We worked quickly on this project and while we were originally only tasked with creating an app, the project helped us show our client the value of proper voice and tone work which lead to subsequent work streams creating the go-to-market campaign around it.
If I could go back, I would have given more time to the project and explored more tone options with user research.
The client was satisfied with the tone direction we created, and was eager to have their internal writers run with it and start using it everywhere in their business, and while it has endured in their materials even 4 years later, we didn't feel great about measuring our success against the happiness of our client, but would have rather spoken to more users about how they felt about the retirement process and their 401k management experience.
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