Lest our pursuit of beauty make the world ugly
Project: Voice & Tone Branding, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, PR
Media: Online, Packaging, Print
Role: Copywriter, Strategist
For an apparel startup that up-cycles found fabrics to craft signature bow ties, I created a voice and tone guide to help the brand stay on message across channels and convey the founder's passion for sustainability like its a no-brainer. 
We settled on a slight hard sell tone that speaks casually and gets to the point quickly.
Lest is The Conscious Dresser
Elevator Pitch
Channel Considerations
We then did a brand-purpose exercise to help create their mission statement.
1. What do we do?
Conscientious apparel​​​​​​​
2. Why do we do it?
So our pursuit of beauty doesn’t make the world ugly
3. How do we show this?
4. How do we do this?
1. Choosing relationships carefully to cultivate authenticity
2. Localizing production for style with an organic feel
This turned into our mission statement:​​​​​​​
LEST believes in a more beautiful tomorrow. That’s why we craft our bow ties without the “fashion for fashion’s sake” mindset – the aesthetic of an accessory is as valuable as where it comes from. We make our styles sustainable LEST our pursuit of beauty make the world ugly.
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