Little words making big impact
Example - Button Text
I worked with a team on their health record app that had additional wayfinding features around a few hospital campuses, as well as a direct link to their find care.
One of the biggest challenges was displaying these two features prominently, as anyone could use them before they authenticated to the app to see the rest of their health record.
We tested and iterated the language we used to be intuitive and succinct.
Other examples of button text we tried were 
"Find your way around our hospitals"
"Find your way about Abbott Northwestern"
"Find your way"
"Navigate about our hospitals"
We finally landed on this option which has tested the best with users, and can be seen in the app today.
Additionally, we worked on the find care button text, carefully balancing "provider" language as some health appointments will be with an NP, RN or another health care provider, and not always strictly a doctor.
Example - Form labels and placeholders​​​​​​​
I worked with a team on iterating a prescription medication request feature in a healthcare provider's new health record and account app.
The feature started as a 2-step process with functional microcopy labels for a required prescription name, dosage, and a note for the nurse based on our requirements.
This evolved slightly in our next iteration, becoming slightly more conversational and including actionable hint/placeholder text for users, plus creating consistency in how we signal "required" vs. "optional"
Our final iteration combined all of the fields onto one screen and simplified the layout for adding new prescriptions.
Additionally, our design and testing exploration uncovered the need for an even more conversational tone for the fields, changing the labels into questions to help facilitate the interaction, plus new language around "providers" rather than nurses and hint text to match to be clear about who would be handling the request and to go in line with best practices in writing for healthcare.
Example - Error messages
I helped a team build error message use cases for a date of birth form field as a part of a sign in/forgot username flow for a healthcare system's website.
We identified 9 states:
- 1: more than 1 field left blank
- 2,3,4: 1 field left blank (MM/DD/YYYY)
- 5,6,7: 1 field out of range (MM/DD/YYYY)
- 8: wrong year formatting
- 9: more than 1 field out of range, and wrong year formatting

An image of use case 1 (more than 1 field left blank) follows:
1 field left blank (MM/DD/YYYY):
1 field out of range (MM/DD):
1 field out of range (YYYY) was an area we were allowed to have a little fun with, and it tested well when we spoke with users:
The final two use cases: wrong year formatting, and more than 1 field out of range or doesn't fit the format
Example - Notifications & Toasts
I spent some time working with a team on notification strategy for a (you guessed it) healthcare system's mobile app.
During this project, we gave their design and development teams a framework for how to think about different notifications, and create clarity around what the client team and our team meant when we used the word "notification".
Because of this work, I got a chance to write push notifications, in-app cover notifications, and a few examples of toast. Because we were dealing with HIPAA information, the amount of info we can present in a push notification was limited and we did our best to stay engaging.
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