Real. College. Radio. 
Mixtape Curated by Ross Koeberl
Writing for a scrappy non-profit radio station for nearly four years, specifically to reach older millennial donors. 
Trials and tribulations included: impassioned pleas for donations, researching pop-culture references from decades I've only ever read about, finding the right balance between playful youth and off-beat hipster. And all while keeping it under a consistent tonal umbrella.

"A Radio K Christmas" Campaign
Publicizing a locally-commissioned holiday mixtape with a full album review (click the quote below) and promotional on-air spots.

"Fall 2016 Pledge Drive" Campaign
With a theme line "It Takes Two To Make College Radio," I developed a series of spots to illustrate this idea while tapping into our older millennial audience's musical nostalgia.
"Top 77 Album's of 2016" Promo
Tough Guy (:33s)
You’re not gonna sneak in that last visit to the gym before you’ve gotta re-do those wimpy resolutions; why not spend the day with your favorite college radio station and OUR favorite albums from 2016? 

From 9 a.m. till 3 p.m., tune-in to Radio K’s Top 77 Countdown so you can flex your sick music taste. Impress your friends. Musical gains, my dude. *flex grunt*

"Give to the Max Day" Promo
Baklava Day (:14s)
Fun Fact: Today is national Baklava Day. But most importantly, Its Give to the Max Day. Donate at Radio K dot org so we don’t have to celebrate national Dead Air Day.
666-Word Review of a punk album
Donor NewsletterS​​​​​​​
"Boogie Monsters" Specialty Show
Weekly blogs, playlists and social content. Oh, and I live streamed myself dancing for an hour during the last show.
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