pivoting to refreshing honesty for a freezer aisle Campaign
Project: Campaign
Media: Video (Internal and External), Radio
Agency: Spec
Role: Copywriter, Production, Pitch Team
Awarded: Best Consistent Creative
Tai Pei: Satisfy Different
As a part of a rag-tag student-led spec campaign for Tai Pei Frozen Asian Food, I was charged with collaborating with another writer and a production team to bring our TV, radio spot and new brand manifesto to life. Other non-writing contributions included: product naming "Tai Pei Tastemakers" for a nation-wide social media campaign and concepting a pop-up restaurant, an interactive Snapchat filter and an interactive in-store freezer-door activation.
"Do something different. How much of your life have you spent going through the motions? How many times have you chosen comfortable to colorful, steps to strides, living to thriving or satisfying your craving for different?
Next time, choose different. Choose a food that defies as many expectations as you do."
"I don’t do different. I like my meals the way I like my rom-com’s: mushy and tasteless."
"This is Ryan. Ryan’s life is pretty dull. Ryan wouldn’t hit cool if cool was a lake and he fell out of a boat."
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Videography by Natasha Carlson
Production by Myka Betts
Design by Emma Dahlgren
Strategy by Ben Vaske
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