The following video is a quick demo of the onboarding experience for a cardiovascular app for Allina Health and the Minneapolis Heart Institute, a client of mine. I was a part of the design team to ideate, design, and build and launch this app back in 2018 which we are still adding functionality to today.
You can play with the app on your own phone by downloading the link from the Android or iOS app store
The app doesn't transmit medical information to Allina or save it to your health record, so feel free to put in whatever information you want as you test it out.
Working in a digital product studio for the last two years has moved me away from traditional copywriting for marketing and advertising and put me into a role as a writer on a product design team. 
Since then, I've worked on several apps for health care providers, 401k providers, VR experiences for social workers and an On-My-Way Alexa skill for queuing at a hospital.
My job is to not just to make sure digital products work, but to make the words in them are useful, usable, and loveable.
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