A grainy picture of a 20-something jewish man wearing jorts and a t-shirt with a boxing glove-wearing hotdog on it gives a thumbs up to the camera while sitting in the driver's seat of a 1995 Toyota Forerunner
My name is Zachary Taylor Simon. I was named after the 12th president of the United States. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 
Anywho, I'm a writer who likes thinking about how people use technology, specifically through accessibility and brand voice.

I'm currently working in a digital product studio as a UX writer, copywriter, content strategist, content designer, digital technical writer, human style-guide, combo dictionary/thesaurus (with legs!), Spelling Bee host and any other title for a writer in tech you can think of.

Also, I:
 - flirted with professional eSports as a youth
 - bike in the winter to feel unstoppable
 - have a higher Ape Index than Michael Phelps
 - am worried I'm coming off too competitive

To reach me about working together on spicy words or to Settle it in Smash — email caznomis@gmail.com.*
*I promise it's me! "caznomis" is just "Zach Simon" backwards. Without the "h". Which was silent anyway.
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